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Castin' 'N Catchin'

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament Director and Committee shall have final  say on all decisions concerning this  tournament. The following rules will be the standard and official rules throughout the tournament. The director  reserves the right to refuse any questionable entry application. The tournament director reserves the right to  cancel the tournament with a 10-day notice or because of incumbent weather on the day of the tournament. In the  event that the tournament is cancelled, a full refund will be issued to all contestants.

  2. Scoring will be based on any combination of no more than  5 largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass measuring at  least 15 inches. Bass failing to measure will be disqualified and a one-pound penalty assessed for each undersized fish. Fish will be measured with mouth closed and tail compressed on a flat board. No culling in side of the no-wake buoys or the area between check-in and weigh-in points. Any string brought to the scales with more than 5  fish will be culled, starting with the largest.

  3. Dead Fish Penalty is 1 LB penalty per dead fish.

  4. Blast Off and Weigh-in will be coordinated by the  tournament officials. Tournament hours will be from Safelight (approximately 5:30 A.M.) until 2:00 p.m. The blast  off will be staggered in flights of 25 boats with each flight  getting an additional 15 minutes to weigh in. All boats  must check in and out at the official check point. Any  team returning to the check-in point late will be assessed a one pond penalty per minute.

  5. Boats and Motors of any size are permitted as long as  they have current registration and the engine size does not exceed boat manufacturers rating. All boats are required to have an operational aerated live-well.

  6. Only Artificial Lures will be allowed in this tournament.  Trolling with the gasoline engine is not allowed.

  7. Safety for every contestant and others on the lake is a priority. Coast Guard-approved life vests must be worn and operational kill switches must be attached while the gasoline engine is in operation. All contestants must  comply with Alabama waterway laws. Neither alcoholic beverages nor drugs are allowed in the boat or to be consumed during official tournament hours. Excessive  speed in congested areas or any other activity deemed  dangerous will result in immediate disqualification.

  8. Polygraph and/or other lie-detection devices may be used to verify compliance with the rules of this tournament. Any contestant that refuses or fails a lie- detector test will  be immediately disqualified.

  9. Ties will result in the prize money being divided between the tying teams.

  10. Poor Sportsmanship and/or disorderly conduct will be grounds for disqualification. Violators of any of the  tournament rules will be disqualified.

  11. Refunds can be issued if received before March 8, 2024.  After March 8, you will forfeit your entry as a donation to  Children’s of Alabama and receive a tax receipt

  12. Prizes If I place for any prize I understand that I am responsible for paying all local, state and federal taxes, title, license and registration as a result of my participation in Castin’ ‘n Catchin’ Buddy Fishing Tournament. Must be  present to win.

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